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'Black, no sugar' I realized I was suddenly relaxed. I sat on the sofa and started playing with the remote, I never used this TV as I always was in my bedroom for whatever duration I was in this place, had one in my room with dish connection. The TV was on AV mode, 'probably this one doesn't have cable' I thought, I picked up the VCD remote , power on - play , and what appeared on the screen made me push the power button once more. 'Guys are same everywhere' she announced as she appeared with tea like a genie right next to me. I opened my mouth to explain, the words were caught in middle with 'Its okay I don't mind'. 'Now I don't do all those movies, neither I do the blind dates and here I am with a lady who has reason to believe I do, there goes any chance of having a sane conversation, and what she thinks about her ? I am not going anywhere with her, let it end with the tea' I thought as I proceeded to pick the cup. 'What are you thinking ? seriously I don't mind the movie, you can watch if you want to' she said, as she cracked a cookie between her lips (how do they manage to hide the teeth always, all one sees is lips). 'Listen ! this suggestive monologue can take a break here, I don't use this TV and I don't need to watch all that rubbish' I said as I felt some adrenaline pumping in. 'Chill, then don't watch , how is the tea by the way?' she continued without pausing. 'How should the black tea taste ? like black tea but seems some people need to be told even that' I thought as I took the sip.

A surprise was waiting there, she had put cinnamon and some other spices in it and it indeed was not the black bitter hot liquid I called black tea, 'This is really good, thanks' I smiled as I complemented her. 'SO you smile too' she quipped , reaching for another cookie. I was getting to like her approach, 'what the hell here I am and here she is, she is no threat so relax' I thought. I took the lead of the conversation and learnt she called herself 'The enabler' a management graduate, from a upper middle class family living in Mumbai alone and working on contract. She didn't ask me much about family or where do I come from, all she asked me was my hobbies, what kind of food I like and what type of cars I was into and was I married. The conversation touched various subjects from politics, to theater, to movies, to facebook there seemed to be no dirth of topics with her, she could talk in depth on various topics. 'A lady with an enlightened mind' I was getting impressed. It was almost 7PM when she declared that its time to move the butts off the sofa and lets go out. I changed while she fumbled with the TV remote only to discover that indeed there was no cable connection on that one. I was going to call for the Meru cab but she signaled me to keep the phone saying she has her own ride. We left the apartment and proceeded to the lifts, I noticed her from behind as she pushed the button for the Basement. She was a killer even from behind, the choice of ear rings, the foot gear, the hair do .. All impeccable. I was in for a surprise when her car answered the remote key, it was a top of the line sedan , black colored. 'Gosh, how much she earns to have a bmer ?' I thought. I didn't know much about the places to visit, so I told her I will just like any place which is not too crowded and I where I could dance a bit. She smiled and said engage the seat belts.

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